Searching Keywords

The Keywords section is one of the more powerful tools in the platform. 

If you have a large number of keywords, finding keywords with the search tool can be simple and fast so you can:
  • Analyze groups of keywords 
  • Tag related groups of keywords together quickly for faster future analysis
  • Find keywords to stop tracking

The search feature here has different modes to filter down to the perfect results set:

Broad (default)

Broad searches anywhere within the keyword, even partial words (so "rank" will match "google ranking"). This is the default search filter.

Include URL

Include URL is the same as Broad, but also searches the top URL that ranks for the keyword (so "rank" will match a page /what_are_my_rankings).

Exact Match

Exact match matches only if the keyword matches the entire search string ("rank" will match "rank", but not "google rank" or "google ranking")

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