How to add keywords via CSV or Excel file?

You can easily add thousands of new keywords at once into your account via the CSV/Excel bulk uploader tool.

Click the 'Add Keywords' button, and then upload your CSV or Excel file.

---> Download Excel Template

Required column
  • Keyword
You must have at least a single column of keywords. If you just upload that, all the keywords will be added to the default country for that project, and tracked in both Google and Yahoo.

Geolocation column (optional)

For Google rankings, you can set a specific city or zip code to get SERP data from. When entering a location, you must use the exact "canonical_name" format for each location. You can find the list of supported cities in the US here and cities and zip codes outside the US here. You can also search available locations using our change your Google location search tool, or our rank checking tool.

For example, to track the keyword 'plumber' from Seattle the correct canonical_name would be:

Seattle,Washington,United States

Put this is the "geo" column of your excel or CSV file upload in each keyword row. If we are unable to determine the geolocation to be set, a tab will appear in your keywords table with the list of keyword we were unable to set.

Optional columns
  • Engine (google or yahoo)
  • Device (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • locale ('en-uk' to track in the United Kingdom)
  • geolocation (see above section for exact use. Google only)
  • tag(s) (comma separated or put a tag in each multiple columns)
  • Starred ('yes' will star those keywords in your account)
Watch a video of how it works:

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