Using Tags to Organize Keywords

Tagging related keywords allows you to quickly analyze and navigate to groups of keywords. You can tag keywords with any tag you would like. An example of a tag might be "how to" for keywords related to a "how to" section on your site.

Adding New Tags

To add a new tag to a project, select at least one keyword you would like to tag with the next tag group, and hit the tag icon:

Enter the tag name: 'enterprise' (in this example) and hit Enter or select the new drop-down row to create this tag and tag the selected keywords with the new tag.

Add Keywords To Existing Tag Group

To add keywords to a new tag group, select the keywords you want to add, and hit the tag icon again:

As you can see our new 'enterprise' tag is now in the drop down list of existing tags. Select the existing tag with your mouse and click it to add the selected keyword(s) to the tag.

View Keywords Within a Tag Group

There are two ways to filter your keywords to just view keywords with specific tags. First, you can use the search box to search for a tag name and select it to see keywords with just that tag. You can add multiple tags together to see multiple tag groups.

For example, here I searched for 'free' which brought up the 'free tools' tag name:

Clicking the tag name will filter the keyword results to just that tag group:

Alternatively, you can also click a tag within the keywords table to view that group of tagged keywords:

To remove a tag group from your result set, simply click the 'X' next to the tag name:

And that's how you can manage large groups of keyword sets efficiently with tags!

Removing Tags

To remove a tag, select the keyword(s) to remove the tag from, hit the tag icon and then hold the SHIFT key. This will enable the deletion mode. Now click the red tag text you wish to remove. This will remove the tag from the selected keyword(s).

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