How do I run a SEO correlation test?

Tracking events and changes you make in your SEO with the Tests tool is one of the most powerful features of SERPs.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to Tests Tool

2. Create Something to Test

What did you change or what would you like to test? Common events to test include:

  • Title tag changes
  • Other on-page SEO changes
  • A new link campaign was started
  • New Press
Click: 'Create an Event to test':

Give the Event a:
  • Name (required)
  • Category (required)
  • Description (optional)

3. Click 'Start a Test' and Complete the Form

Hit the 'Start a Test' button:

And then:
  • Choose the Event to test (required)
  • Select a page (required)
  • Choose start date of test (required) - when did something change?
  • Select a keyword to track (recommended)
  • notes (optional)

Hit 'Start Test' and that's it! You've setup your first SEO correlation test with SERPs!

The Tests tool will now start to populate with your most recent experiments:

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