SERPs iPhone App FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the SERPs iPhone app

Where can I download the iPhone app?

Here's a link to download the app:

or search "" from the app store to find the app.

Why are rankings different on the mobile app vs the web app?

On we like to show rankings from a consistant point in time. So in the keywords section, all rankings are for the day previous. That way you can compare up/down rankings in a way that makes sense and is consistant. 

We collect ranking data pretty much 24/7, so often we might have a more recent ranking available for some keywords in your account but not others. 

So on the mobile app, we show the very most recent ranking we have, even if it's from today or 12 hours ago. That way you can always see the most fresh data we have available in the mobile app, with the advantage of comparing the same time frame data in the web app. 

We think it's the best of both worlds, but please let us know what you think! Email anytime to with your thoughts!

Why can't client accounts login?

We are restricting client account access at this time to keep the complexity of the application down. We may offer client account access in the future.

Do you have an Android version?

Yep! Download the Android version here:

I'd love to have a branded version of this for my that possible?

Yes, we can build a custom app just for your agency that mimic the functionality of the rank checking app but completely branded with your name/logo etc. Please email for more details.

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