How do I change white-label settings?

Watch a video on uploading your logo: Watch Video

There are a few simple settings to fully customize SERPs to look like your own software.

1. Upload Two Custom Logos 

You can upload two logos to best match the dark background of the app (the main app logo area in the header for example), and the light background areas of the application (the login screen for example). 

Transparent PNG images are highly recommended!

The dark background logo shows in:

  • The main header logo inside the app
  • All keyword PDF reports
The light background logo shows in:
  • The user login screen
  • The small right footer 

2. Set a Custom Color Scheme + Phone Number

From your settings page, you can set three different colors: header, footer, background as well as a custom phone number that clients will see in the footer when they login.

3. Choose a Custom Domain (custom plans only)

To setup your own custom domain, and allow your customers to login on your own website, you need to setup a CNAME redirection in the DNS settings of your domain.

To request setup of a custom domain, please email

4. Point your hostname to as a CNAME record

Now that we've set your custom domain in the application, login to where your DNS is hosted for your domain. This is often your domain registrar (godaddy/namecheap) or more likely where your domain is hosted (dreamhost/linode/hostgator etc).

So your hostname for the example would be:


And alias that to:

DNS settings can take a few hours to go into effect. In a few hours, you'll be able to login directly at your chosen custom domain!

If you want to link directly to the login page from your homepage for example, just link to your chosen custom domain. So in our example custom domain, the login would be: and if the user isn't logged in, they will be directed to login at

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