How do I create a PDF rankings report?

There are 2 flavors of pretty PDF reports that you can create in your SERPs dashboard.

The first report shows your current rankings as of when you generate the report, as well as the change in rankings over time (day/week/month + since you started tracking). This type of report is great for showing progress over time on keywords. The second allows you to add your own commentary to the report.

Create a Plain Rankings PDF Report

To create a rankings report, navigate to the "Keywords" tab.

Then hover over the "Report" button and click "PDF Report"

To generate the plain report:

Sweet. There you go.

Impress Clients using PDF Rankings Reports with Commentary

To create a PDF report with custom commentary at the top, hover over the rankings report button again and select the 2nd option:

Then you'll see a popup where you can enter your comments to be generated at the top of the report. A few sentences is best.

That will output a similar report, but with your own comments at the top. Sweet!

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